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Camping FAQs

  • Are pets allowed?

    We’re sorry but for the safety of your pet and other festival attendees, pets are not allowed.

  • Can I have a fire at my campsite?

    Please see camping rules. Campfires are only allowed if a burning ban is not in effect. Burning restrictions can change daily and will be enforced.

  • Do I need a different pass to get into the campgrounds?

    Yes, in addition to your festival ticket, you will need to purchase a camp access pass.  These passes are no longer included in the campsite price.  They are available through the Jam office, on our Web site, or at the gates.

    Everyone at your campsite (even if just visiting) must have a camp access pass and a weekend event ticket.

  • How many people can camp at my campsite?

    Each person at your campsite must have a weekend event ticket and a camp access pass. The access passes are no longer included in the camping price and must be purchased separately.

    As long as everyone has the proper passes, and you are responsible at your campsite, you may invite as many guests as you would like.

  • How often do the campground shuttles run?

    The campground shuttles start running to & from the festival grounds 2 hours before gates open. The shuttles run approx. every twenty minutes.

  • Is handicap camping available?

    All Country Jam campsites are considered to be handicap accessible. Country Jam provides handicap accessible parking and a shuttle ride from the campgrounds to the festival grounds, we do not provide transport from your campsite to the shuttle or from any festival gate to the seating area.

  • What size is my campsite?

    Standard campsites are 20′ x 30′
    Long campsites are 20′ x 40′

General FAQs

  • Are carry-ins allowed?

    Carry-ins are not allowed at Country Jam USA.  You are encouraged to bring an EMPTY mug/water bottle to fill at one of our water stations throughout the day.  All bags are subject to search at the gate.

  • Are prices going up?

    Yes, prices increase a couple different times each year. Prices increase when the line up is announced and at the gates every year. An additional price increase may occur between the above timeframes.  Gate pricing typically starts a week or two prior to the event. Prices may increase at any time.

  • Can a 3-day general admission pass be used for different people on different days?

    3-day GA passes are for 1 person only. You will turn your ticket in at the gates and be armbanded for the entire Jam. Lost or broken armbands will not be replaced. You can purchase 1-day tickets for individuals wishing to come only 1 or 2 days of Jam.

  • Can I take pictures?

    Yes, pictures may be taken close to the stage. You will be allowed only 2 photos at a time and will need to follow the Security Staff’s instructions on where to stand and when your time is up. No video recording is allowed.

  • Can I upgrade my ticket?

    Yes, if seats are available. You may also upgrade your 1-day ticket to a 3-day pass. One ticket upgrade. Upgrade prices are based on the price of the ticket you wish to purchase minus the value of your current ticket. Upgrades can be done at the gate or in advance by calling 1.800.7800.JAM (recommended).

  • Do I need to bring a chair?

    You may bring a lawn chair for general admission seating. Chairs are provided in the VIP & Reserve seating areas.

  • How do I get children’s tickets?

    We actually don’t have children’s tickets this year. Most children will qualify for the 3-day student ticket which can be purchased online, over the phone, or at the gate.

  • How do I get great Jam seats for next year?

    You can purchase your VIP, Reserved, and camping at the Advanced Sales tent, which is located to the area left of the stage near the Shirt Shack souvenir booth (next to WAXX). The earlier you respond to your renewal notice and purchase/renew your seats, the better your chances of moving up.

  • How much is daily parking?

    It is $10 a day to park in the parking lot. Parking can be purchased at the event only.

  • Is smoking allowed?

    Although smoking is allowed, please be considerate of your neighbors. Security may ask you to refrain from smoking if it bothers those around you. You MUST follow the Security Staff’s instructions– which may include not smoking in your seat.

  • What can I bring in with me?

    Jam is an outdoor music festival. The event is rain or shine; you may want to bring a jacket or sunscreen. No food or beverage carry-ins are allowed. You can bring in an empty container to be filled with water inside the gates. You may also bring a camera. NO video recording is allowed. All carry-ins will be subject to search by Jam Security. NO PETS ARE ALLOWED.

  • What time do the gates open?

    The gates will open at 1:00pm on Thursday and Friday and at noon on Saturday.

  • When will the line-up be updated?

    The line-up is updated as soon as we sign an artists to perform.

  • Where can I purchase Jam tickets?

    You can order tickets online 24/7, or stop by the Country Jam office during business hours at 1711 S Hastings Way, Eau Claire, WI 54701

    You can also order tickets over the phone by calling 715.839.7500

    General Admission tickets can also be purchased at our ticket outlets which include both the Mega! Foods stores in the East and West Ridge Centers in Eau Claire.

  • Where do I find the Jam?
  • Who is playing at the Jam?

Handicap Information

  • Handicap Parking For VIP customers

    If you require Handicapped Parking and you have VIP tickets and would like to take the shuttle you need to park in the handicap parking area. The handicap parking is in general admission parking, you will not be charged for parking.

  • Is handicap camping available?

    All Country Jam campsites are considered to be handicap accessible. Country Jam provides handicap accessible parking and a shuttle ride from the campgrounds to the festival grounds, we do not provide transport from your campsite to the shuttle or from any festival gate to the seating area.

  • Is handicap seating available?

    Yes, in General Admission behind Reserved Seating Section A. You and (1) escort may sit there. For VIP and Reserve seating, we can remove the chair for your wheelchair.

    Country Jam provides handicap accessible parking and a shuttle ride to the festival entrance from the parking lot. We do not provide transport from any gate to the seating area.

Hotels & Motels

Ticket FAQs

  • Can my VIP or Reserved seat ticket be used for different people on different days?

    If you select to ‘split’ your ticket when you order it; separate tickets for each day of the event will be sent to you. You will have the choice of receiving a weekend armband or checking in on a daily basis. If you are unable to go one of the days, you can give your ticket to someone else to go in your place.

  • Do I need a special pass to park in the VIP parking area?

    No, all you need to do is show the parking attendant your VIP ticket.

  • Handicap Parking For VIP Customers

    If you require Handicapped Parking and you have VIP tickets and would like to take the shuttle you need to park in the handicap parking area. The handicap parking is in general admission parking, you will not be charged for parking.

  • How do I get great Jam seats for next year?

    You can purchase your VIP, Reserved, and camping at the Advanced Sales tent, which is located to the area right of the stage next to the Shirt Shack souvenir booth. The earlier you purchase/renew your seats, the better your chances of moving up.

  • What is included with my Reserved seat ticket?

    Your Reserved seat ticket includes your assigned seat in front of General Admission. Country Jam provides you the chair.

  • What is included with my VIP ticket?

    Outside of the BEST seats that we have, your VIP ticket includes VIP parking, all food and beverage (pop and beer all day and mixed drinks after 5pm) in the VIP hospitality area. Oh, and flush toilets– VERY important!

  • What kind of food do they have in VIP?

    They have a variety of food available and a nightly buffet is also served.

  • What are the benefits of printing my tickets on my computer?
    1. You get your tickets right away.
    2. No will-call lines or mail delivery to wait for.
    3. You can print them at your convenience.

    The tickets can be printed in color or black and white. Each ticket should be printed on standard 8.5×11-inch paper and treated like any other ticket. For your security the tickets are individually bar coded. The barcode allows one scan per entry so any attempts to duplicate, alter or sell any copies of your ticket will result in admittance being refused to the event.

    Tickets will be e-mailed from elevate.com to you as an attached PDF file. Save the attachment onto your computer. You now have your tickets stored. Print them now or later. All you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 (free) and a printer. At the event, your tickets will be scanned and you’ll be admitted.

  • Will this ticket be accepted for the event?

    Yes. The ticket that comes out of your printer is a valid, legitimate ticket. Make sure you keep it in a safe place like you would cash and protect it just like you would any other ticket! If any copies are made of the ticket, only the first scan of the barcode will be allowed entry. If more than one copy were to arrive, the barcode scanner will alert the attendant that the ticket has already been scanned.

  • What if I experience other problems?

    If you have not received your tickets via e-mail contact us (715.839.7500). Please explain what happened and we will help you with your order.



Vendor Booths

  • Am I allowed to bring outside food and beverage to consume at my booth?

    No.  We do not allow vendors to bring in outside food and beverages.  All food and beverage must be kept outside the grounds.  There are vendors to purchase from at the event.

  • How many workers are allowed per booth?

    We do not disclose a predetermined number of approved workers.  Each application is viewed and approved individually.  Worker access is granted based on the number of square feet purchased/requested as well as numerous other factors.

  • I have more workers than I was approved for, what can I do?

    You can purchase access for additional workers at a discounted rate.

  • Can I park my vehicle at my booth?

    If you park your vehicle at your booth, it will be considered a storage unit and you will be subject to the $150 storage fee (even if you leave with it each evening). Keep in mind that you will need to wait for the grounds to empty each evening before driving the vehicle off the grounds. Violators will lose vehicle access to the grounds for the rest of the weekend and will not be approved for any future events. There are certain sections of the grounds that are not capable of storage. See the grounds map for details.

  • Will my booth, and products, be safe leaving them unattended at night?

    Although we cannot guarantee the safety of your products from theft or damage, there is general security provided on the grounds each evening. Festival patrons are required to exit the event nightly.

    We strongly recommend securing your booth each evening before you leave the grounds. Please note: Country Jam is not, in any way, responsible for any theft or damage that may occur to your booth or products.

  • If my motorhome is holding my stock and I pay the storage fee, why can’t I sleep in it at my booth?

    This is not allowed.  There are security guards that roam the grounds at night.  If you deliberately sleep at your booth, in your stock vehicle, you will be asked to leave the event without a refund.  You will also not be considered for any future events.  If your motorhome is your stock vehicle, you can drive it onto the grounds each day to restock your booth; however, it must be removed by the “Vehicle Removal Deadline” listed on the rules and regulations.

Vendor Camping

Vendor Costs

  • What does it cost to be a vendor at Country Jam?

    Food Vending: Please call for details.

    Hardgood Vending: Hardgood vendors pay for space on a square footage basis. The price varies by section. There is a 10 x 10 minimum space requirement.

  • What is included in the booth space price?
    • Standard electricity (3-20 amp circuits [food] or 1-20 amp circuit [hardgood])
    • 1 Complimentary campsite if requested (based on availability)
    • Worker access
    • Worker shower passes (1 for each 3-day worker that is camping [if requested])
    • Vehicle access (for restocking purposes)
  • Will there be any additional charges?

    The following is a list of additional charges you may incur:

    • TentsWe do have tents available for rent.  Prices range from $150 – $600 depending on size.
    • Storage: $150 weekend (unit length cannot exceed the frontage footage of your booth)
    • Extra electric: Up to $50 per day (50 amp total), depending on your needs.  If you need more than 50 amps, you will have to arrange for a generator.  You are welcome to bring your own or we can arrange to provide one for you.  Keep in mind that fuel charges as well as a rental fee for the generator itself are your responsibility.  Please call or email for rates.
    • Extra campsite: $100 each (1 is included with your fee).  Camping is based on availability.
    • Extra worker access: 3-day = $89, 1-day = $49
    • Insurance: Food = $150 weekend, Hardgood = $75 weekend NOTE:  Not all vendors will be approved for insurance.  Certain booths (ie. tattooing, interactive attractions, mechanical bulls, etc.) are not eligible.  Country Jam insurance covers only the minimum liability, no coverage is provided for loss, damage to or theft of product.
  • Do you allow balance payments at the gate?

    No.  All paperwork must be received and booth paid in full by the deadline listed.  If you are unable to pay your booth balance by the deadline, we reserve the right to sell your space to a vendor that can pay for it in full.  Remember:  No refunds will be given on fees paid toward an accepted application.

Vendor FAQs

  • What is required to be a vendor at Country Jam?

    In conjunction with a completed application as well as full payment, you are required to have (or provide) the following items by the deadline:

    • Insurance: We require all vendors to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance and be able to show proof of such coverage via a Certificate of Liability.  Food vendors are required to carry a minimum of$1,000,000 and hardgood vendors a minimum of $500,000.  Country Jam can provide the minimum liability insurance (for those who qualify and pay for it).  See above for insurance costs.
    • Sales tax number or Federal ID: Vendors are responsible for paying government taxes on all sales.  If you do not have a sales tax number or Federal ID, you will be required to obtain one prior to the event.
    • Current food license: Food vendors are required to have a current license in order to sell at our events.
    • Picture of booth: We require a picture of your booth setup so we can view what your booth will look like at the event.
    • Number of employees: The number of employees you anticipate working in your booth needs to be approved.
    • Chemical list: As a safety precaution, we require all food vendors to submit a list of any chemicals that will be used on the grounds.
    • Fire Extinguisher: Food vendors are required to possess a fire extinguisher within their booths in accordance with the local fire department.
  • Are pets allowed at the event?

    There are NO PETS allowed on the event grounds or in the vendor camping areas. If you travel with a pet, please make outside arrangements for its care while attending our festival.

  • Is the event indoors or outdoors?

    Country Jam USA® is held entirely outdoors. Although we have been fortunate enough to experience wonderful weather during our events, we are still subject to the graces of Mother Nature.

  • What happens in the event of bad weather?

    We do our best to make sure all acts that have been confirmed for the weekend will take the stage. Keep in mind that all act times are subject to change without notice. Most acts will perform in the rain. In the past, when there has been a dangerous storm (with lightning and thunder), the acts have been delayed until the storm can pass through. We do not make a guarantee that all acts will play in inclement weather. In the unfortunate event of an act cancellation, we do not give refunds on booth spaces or patron tickets.

  • Can a hardgood vendor ever work on a percentage basis like the food vendors do?

    No, unfortunately, we are unable to work with hardgood vendors on a percentage basis. Tickets that are sold on the grounds are for food and beverage purchases only.

  • Can I bring my 4-wheeler and use it on the grounds?

    No. We do not allow vendors to use motorized vehicles on the grounds. If you use any type of motorized transportation, you assume the risk of being removed from the grounds without a refund.

  • Can I put down chairs for my friends and/or family members?

    No. We ask that you DO NOT abuse your privilege of entering the grounds early to place chairs. Doing so will result in your removal from the event without a refund. If you wait in line with your chairs, you MUST wait until gate security releases you to enter the grounds.

  • How do I become a vendor at Jam?

Vendor Policy & Procedures

  • I requested a specific section, why was I placed elsewhere?

    We try to accommodate all section requests but some sections fill faster than others.  Furthermore, there are certain sections that do not allow for storage or extra electricity.  If your choices of sections are full, you will be placed as close to your request as possible.  In the event the nearest section costs less, your new balance will reflect the cheaper rate.  If the nearest section is more expensive, you will be contacted to approve the increased costs before your booth is approved.

  • I arrived at the event and wasn’t in the same section that my confirmation paperwork indicated, what happened?

    We reserve the right to change your booth location in accordance with changes that may occur on the grounds.

  • What is your booth cancellation policy?

    In the unfortunate event that you would need to cancel after being approved, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible. Please note: If you need to cancel, we do not refund any fees paid toward approved booth spaces.

  • What type of payments are vendors allowed to accept?

    Food Vendors: A food vendor is ONLY allowed to accept food and beverage tickets for the sale of their products. Ticket booths are located throughout the grounds. Food ticket values, for vendor menu preparation, will be available closer to the event

    Hardgood Vendors: A hardgood vendor is allowed to accept any form of payment except the food and beverage tickets that food vendors accept.

Vendor Products

Diversity is key to resounding satisfaction! We have several western hat and/or sunglass vendors that return to their same space each year. If you are a vendor that sells either of these items, you are welcome to submit your information and be placed on a waiting list for any future openings or cancellations that may occur. In an effort to satisfy our patrons with a unique shopping experience, we try to limit the number of booths selling the same (or similar) items.
  • Does booth approval mean I have exclusive product rights?

    No.  Most exclusive rights are reserved for Sponsor products (ie. beer, soda, smokeless tobacco, alcohol, etc.).  Vendors are NOT granted exclusivity upon booth approval.  If you are interested in being considered for product exclusivity, call or e-mail the Vendor Coordinator for details and pricing.

  • Will there be several other vendors selling similar products?

    We try our best to approve a wide variety of product booths.  Due to the popularity of some items at our event, there will be multiple booths selling similar items (ie. western hats, sunglasses, jewelry, t-shirts, etc.).

  • Is it possible I will be placed next to another vendor selling the same items?

    Yes.  The possibility does exist.  However, we try to limit (as best we can) the duplication of products within each section.  For example, we will try not to place two western hat vendors in the same vendor row.

  • Do I have to submit a list of ALL items I will be selling at my booth?

    Yes.  Your product list/menu is an extremely important part of the application process.  Your booth approval is based largely on the items you intend to sell.  We also utilize your product list to determine where you will be placed on the grounds.  NOTE:  It’s possible that some items may not be approved.

  • Can I use the Country Jam logo or artist names on my products?

    No.  We do not allow vendors to use our logo.  We also don’t allow the use of any artists’ names, dates or other event names.

  • What products are prohibited?

    We ask that common sense be used when seeking approval for products. You will not be approved to sell anything that conflicts with sponsor agreements or that could be potentially dangerous to patrons or staff. If you choose to sell non-approved items, Country Jam Staff reserves the right to ask you to cease sale of such items. If you refuse to cease selling these items, you will be immediately escorted from the grounds without a refund.

    NEW IN 2009: Due to a change in policy, we are no longer approving vendors to sell tobacco use products. Other prohibited items include: weapons (ANY form of [even toys]), glass bottles or jars.

    Product approval is conducted by festival management and any decisions made are considered final.

  • Do you accept carnival type amusement rides at your event?

    We have approved interactive type rides in the past if space permits.  Most of our vendors sell material items (ie. crafts, clothing, jewelry, etc.).

  • What address should I use for shipping of my stock and when can it arrive?

    You can ship your stock to Country Jam USA, 3443 Crescent Ave., Eau Claire, WI  54703.  Keep in mind that any vendor shipments received prior to the first day of the event (July 22, 2010) will be returned to sender.