Will there be any additional charges?

The following is a list of additional charges you may incur:

  • TentsWe do have tents available for rent.  Prices range from $150 – $600 depending on size.
  • Storage: $150 weekend (unit length cannot exceed the frontage footage of your booth)
  • Extra electric: Up to $50 per day (50 amp total), depending on your needs.  If you need more than 50 amps, you will have to arrange for a generator.  You are welcome to bring your own or we can arrange to provide one for you.  Keep in mind that fuel charges as well as a rental fee for the generator itself are your responsibility.  Please call or email for rates.
  • Extra campsite: $100 each (1 is included with your fee).  Camping is based on availability.
  • Extra worker access: 3-day = $89, 1-day = $49
  • Insurance: Food = $150 weekend, Hardgood = $75 weekend NOTE:  Not all vendors will be approved for insurance.  Certain booths (ie. tattooing, interactive attractions, mechanical bulls, etc.) are not eligible.  Country Jam insurance covers only the minimum liability, no coverage is provided for loss, damage to or theft of product.

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