Will there be any additional charges?

The following is a list of additional charges you may incur:

  • TentsWe do have tents available for rent.  Prices range from $250 – $600 depending on size.
  • Storage: $150 weekend (unit length cannot exceed the frontage footage of your booth)
  • Extra electric: $100 for an additional 10 amps and $200 for an additional 30 amp.  If you need more than 50 amps, you will have to arrange for a generator.  You are welcome to bring your own or we can arrange to provide one for you.  Keep in mind that fuel charges as well as a rental fee for the generator itself are your responsibility.
  • Extra campsite: Campsites are $75 each.  Camping is based on availability.
  • Extra worker access: 3-day = $65. No 1-day worker passes will be sold.

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