For the past 30 years we have celebrated one of the greatest weekends of the summer, together, every July.  Never in a million years did we think we would  need to postpone this year’s event to 2021. 
Jammers, we held in there as long as we could.  We hoped every day that something would change.  Unfortunately, so much has changed, but this virus has not.  Trust me, we are as devastated as you are.
So, what's next?
Refund requests were available through July 8 (30 days).  All tickets and campsites that were not refunded will be rolled over to Jam 2021.  Email confirmations will be sent out in August and tickets and campsties will be emailed in June 2021.  

Country Jam 2021 will take place July 15-17. 

When will I get more information about my tickets and camping for Jam 2021?

Transfers of your ticket and camping to 2021 will happen automatically.    You will recieve a new confirmation in mid-August with your 2021 confirmation.

Will I get the same seats and campsites for 2021 that I had this year?
Yes, if you allowed your tickets to rollover to 2021, you will be assigned the same tickets/seats and campsites you had in 2020.  

I still have questions, what do I do?
Please email and we will get back to you.

When will I know who will play in 2021?

We are actively working with artist management on the 2021 lineup. We are hoping to announce in early fall.

When can I buy tickets for 2021?
VIP and Reserved Seats as well as Campsites are on sale now.  Please email and our Box Office will reach out to you to discuss options.  Our live seating map should be available in mid-August.

Can I upgrade my ticket from this year? 
Upgrades will be available after we complete the refund and rollover process for the 2020 event.  Please rollover your ticket for 2020 and email to request an upgrade.  

What if I have a one day ticket and I don’t know which day I am going to attend in 2021?
Allow your one-day ticket to 2020 Country Jam to rollover to 2021.  Once the full line up is announced, if you want to go a different day, call the Country Jam office to reassign it to the day that works for you.

Why is it called a postponement and not a cancellation?
In order to provide you with as many rollover and refund options as smoothly as possible, we have to "postpone" instead of "cancelling" the event.